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Interview For Pagan War Zine #6

Slava camrade! Welcome to the Front!
Firstly I would like to thank you deeply for the opportunity to include Wolfkrieg in these iron pages. Wolfkrieg isn't a well known band here in South America but I consider your act like l kind of standard of proud Slavonic Heathen NSBM struggle against the scum. Recently, the band did released its last album called "Fatherland". So, I would like to know about the audience related to this might artifact of radical propaganda. Tell us about it please. 

Hail! The album is not released on CD yet, and it currently available to listen on Bandcamp.The album "Fatherland" is a kind of summing-up under the five-year work of the band. I hope, our fans will be pleased by new album!

The two latest albums are bit different than previous ones. In my opinion the best Wolfkrieg releases. So, I would like to know about the repercussion of all Wolfkrieg stuffs in whole European soil and overseas... How were the criticism related to these till now?

In general, the reviews are positive. Most listeners liked the change of style. They appreciated our work with the orchestral arrangements. Maybe some brutality has disappeared from the music, but it is sufficiently compensated by the introduced atmosphere. 

The Wolfkrieg 'style is very powerful, technical and obviously "radikal". Heathen NSBM in the purest essence!
What're the band's influences in a general way? 

It is difficult to isolate something concrete that influenced. In the music listeners found elements of death metal, the influence of Summoning, etc. But I want to believe that we have formed our own sound and style.

This is a very sensitive topics nowadays... But what're your visions about the recently conflicts between Russia and Ukraine? Could you see a severe solution? What're your opinions about the east Ukrainian insurgency? 

Question the extremely difficult. Ukraine got between "a hammer and an anvil". Interests of the USA faced interests of the Russian Federation there, and the Ukrainian people suffer from it. However actions of the Russian Federation (annexation of the Crimea, the help to separatists by the weapon and equipment, participation of armed forces of the Russian Federation) I consider criminal and the extremely vile. I hope that armed conflict will end, and Ukraine will retain its integrity. But how to achieve it is hard to say...

Many activities related to Patriotic/NS scenery here in my country are considered heinous and criminal by the pro neo-marxist gay government in a total pathetic crusade pro sub-humans rights, then there's a kind of "jewstice" vigilance by the police and left wing orgs. So here any activities related to patriots or Skinhead movement are totally restrained and policed by the so-called "law"... Brazil is the first democratic and libertarian Dictatorship of the world, the total Human Rights State of tolerance of the globe... So, if you are a fukking nigger, gay, thieve, Bolchevik, drug dealer or Al Qaeda terrorist you will be safe for sure! Sad but true! 
So, how it's in Russia? How is the relationship between the so-called "law" and patriotic groups in your country?

In Russia, the situation is also very sad. Course of the government - the replacement of the native population of the Russian Federation by subhuman from Asia and monkeys from the mountains. While the patriotic movement constantly "decimated" by the punitive organs with  means of anti-russian criminal article 282. However, there are Kremlin-controlled pseudo-patriotic organizations.

When I watch the Russian scenery I remember of proud Heathen bands and groups from the RAC universe with cult bands as KOLOVRAT, PROTEST,ANTISYSTEM, BRANIKALD, TEMNOZOR, NITBERG, FOREST, VANDAL, NEZHEGOL, WEWELSBURG and more... So I would like to know how is the relationship between Wolfkrieg and others bands from Russian scenery. What bands do you support of the new Russian generation?

It just so happens that we are a relatively young band. Maybe that's why we're on the russian NSBM scene detached, without entering into the "clan of veterans".

Wolfkrieg's members are involved in any nationalist or cultural movements today? 

No comments (hope for your understanding).

Do you think that values included inside the Right-Wing/Patriotic thoughts can be absorbed by Russian youth in a wide scale, I mean, social responsibility, nationalism, inherited ancestry and racial discernment against the dirty virus of international mass media in its un-natural propaganda of liberal consumerism, "free love" and drugs alienation? I mean, do you think that is possible a kind of strong National Movement striving for these values or simply dignity, overcoming bravery against the obstacles of pro globalist multicultural hydra?

It is difficult to say how the mass now rise of national consciousness among youth of the Russian Federation. If for a second to believe to opinion polls - the policy of the “russian tsar” is supported now by nearly 90% of the population. And this is regrettable. Although, of course, there is also a considerable amount of conscious patriots.

I'm an ethnographycal studious in themes related to Russia Federation nowadays, and I could to detach many significant different ethnic traces in whole Russian federal territories. I know there're many authonomous republics with their original ethnologic traces and original culture many times including non Slav peoples in almost a kind of "racial babylon" with many countries and ethnic peoples inside only ONE country: Chechens; Buryats; Bashkirs; Tartarians; Ingushes; Chuvashes; Karelians; Ossetians; Adygeans... mongoloids from Tuva, Altai, Iakutia (Sakha), Niniets,etc... I know that exist many separatist intentions in these republics because there are some cultutal struggles there.
So, I would like to know your opinion about this diversity around whole federal Russian soil. What's the feeling of peoples from Moscow about these non Slav peoples in others republics of mother Russian domains?

There is an opinion, that Moscow is occupied now not so much by representatives of the title nation, how many "guests" from mountain auls. And the relation to this fact can be only sharply negative. Apropos various nationalities – if they are in limits of the historical territories, no problem.

I really love this question and probably I shall to repeat it for more interviews later…
To be a pagan man is defend our principles and beliefs, to honor our roots, our history and our Nation! To be a pagan man is above all to worshipper of natural forces and fights for it always!
What're your realation with heathenism and these values?

Heathenism - the basis of ideology. It is the way of thinking and mode of action.

A tedious usual question now, but what’re your favorite bands nowadays? Do you like of others styles as RAC, Identity Rock or Neo-Folk? So, what you have heard currently?

RAC veterans of the Ukrainian scene - Sokira Peruna pleased recently. And for the rest – a lot of music, but something concrete difficult to allocate from listened.

What's your opinion about:
a) Europe
b) Nature preservation
d) Hooligans

a)As Leon Degrel told: "Having lost this war, not only Germany, but all Europe, the whole world lost chanceof the great future. Look, what world was built today by winners. Kingdom of money, violence, degeneration, meanly untermensch instincts. Everything around is selling, basely and material. There is no highest Idea". 
And if specifically to speak, I would like to note two moments.
First – wild domination of muslims. Secondly – incomprehensible personally to me, supporting by right Europeans of  the Russian government policy.
b) Problem rather actual and serious. Here, pretty often, reserved places are given for building by elite housing. Besides, unscrupulous officials involved in the protection of nature, buy and sell protected areas.
c) In my opinion, it is the block created for a power method of the solution of problems of certain financial structures. Entering game where it is impossible to use other jewish methods for achievement of financial and political benefits.
d) I really glad for Ukrainian hooligans who unanimously rejecting club fights, joined the struggle for the integrity of their country!

Last question... Do you think that the Europe should be more than one simple word and to require its greatness becoming one mighty symbol again? In your opinion, Europe and the Aryan World will survive during more 20 or 30 years?

If the people of Europe will unite against the plague of multiculturalism, it will be a chance to get out from the cloaca, in which it comes now.

Okay bro... Thanks for your words and support. Keep the faith and stay proud & alive. Cheers from Southern Hemisphere! The space below is yours...

Thank you for your attention to our work and interesting questions. 
I would like to apologize for laconic answers. Insufficient knowledge of English doesn't allow to answer more detailed.
Be ready, perhaps fight for white race is closer, than we thought!

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